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Welcome to Eutopia!

On this platform we will give you an overview for the possible solutions of the problems and bottlenecks we are facing through the Covid 19 / Corona Crisis.
You are welcome to work with our community and bring in your own ideas.
The workspace will help you with software suggestions if you need some. At the projects side you will find the ideas of other people which are already in process.
At the forum you can find answers and connect other people for setting up or join a team and on the communities side you can see all the initiativs which you could collaborate or support if you like.
We are convinced that together we will finds a solution for any challenge we are facing at the moment and in the future!

Solutions for the world

The world is full of solutions, but you don't know where they are? We show you different projects that contribute to change, where you can participate or get the impulse for your own idea. Just shape the future :)

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